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John was born in Messina, Siciliy but immigrated to the US at the age of twelve. He then enculturated himself deeply into the American way of life, graduated from St. Thomas More H.S., enlisted in the U.S. Marines and later he earned a BA in Economics from Immaculata University and an MA in Philosophy/Psychology from West Chester University.  Along the way, he  became an  avid card player, the game of Pinochle in particular,  then  he was introduced  to  Bridge. John first started playing at  the West  Chester Senior Center about  10  miles  from  his home.  He immediately fell in love with the game and read  everything  he possibly could on the subject.  He  was so  enamored by the game  that  he took the  ACBL's (American Contract Bridge League) Director’s Test only one month later and missed passing by two  questions. Unfazed, he became more determined than ever to become an ACBL Bridge  Director.

John started his own Duplicate Bridge game at a local Community Center with only  two tables, soon  progressing to six or more tables.  A few months later, he again took the Director's test in  Toronto, Canada, this time passing  it.  Two  weeks  following,  the  Marple Bridge  Club became  a  sanctioned ACBL Club.  Since then, the  Club  has  expanded to other locations and is known today as a Multi-site ACBL  Sanctioned  Duplicate  Bridge Club.   John presently teaches Bridge at local night schools, libraries,  senior  living communities and  also gives private lessons.


John and partner won first place in North America's World-Wide Bridge Federation Contest in 2012 and came in second in 2013, behind Canada.  These accomplishments earned him the title of "Grand Master" from the WBF.   He was also the winner of ACBL's  Mini - McKenney and Ace  of Clubs  Masterpoint  Races (20 Category) in 2012, both in Unit  141 and  District 4. In 2013, he won Unit's 141 Mini-McKenney and the Ace of Clubs Masterpoint Races in the 100-200 Category. In  2014, he  won  first  place in both,  the  Ace of Clubs  and  the  Mini - McKenney  in  Unit 141. These achievements earned him the title "Life Master" from ACBL.  In October, 2015, John and his partner were number one overall in the Gold Rush Pairs in the Lancaster Fall Regional.   

John is fully immersed in teaching private lessons to groups of four i.e. in their home, office or any other location.  His supervised play has proven to be a big success to proper bidding and playing.                                     

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