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                      ALERT !!!!                                                                                     PINO   2      OPENING

The Pino Two-Diamond opening allows you to open a balanced hand of 18 to 19 high card points (2 [D] ).   Now, you can precisely tell your partner the true nature of your hand when you have a balanced hand of more than 17 high-card points and less than 20.

Telling partner the correct point count of your hand with the opening bid is essential for good bidding and arriving at the proper Bridge contract, that is why, the Pino Two-Diamond Opening is so important.   See below for all the available opening bids including the Pino Two-Diamonds.

Open one-of-a-suit all unbalanced hands of 13 to 19 high-card points.
Open One-No-trump all balanced hands with 15 to 17 high-card points.
Open all balanced hands with 18 or 19 points 2 [D]  (Pino Two-Diamonds).
Open all balanced hands with 20 or 21 points  Two No-Trump.
Open all balanced and unbalanced hands of 22-29 points or four losers,2 [C] .
Open a weak 2H or 2S with 6 to 9 points with 2 of the top 3 or 3 of the top 5 honors .
Open a preempt with a 7-card suit (same conditions as a weak two).
Open with the Rule of 20 in chair one and two.
Open with the Rule of 15 in chair three and four.
Open all unbalanced hands (3 suited, 2 doubletons etc.) with 18 to 19 points, 1 of a suit.


It is alertable by partner.
It shows a balanced hand of precisely 18 or 19 points.
Pino Two-Diamond is a Demand bid, partner must respond unless he/she holds 1 or 2 points and a five-card diamond suit.


Bid 2 [S]  or 2 [H]  with a minimum hand ( 4 – 5 points) and a 4-card suit.
Bid 2 NT without a 4-card major and a minimum hand.
Bid Stayman ( 3 [C] )  with 6 or more points and a 4-card major.
Bid Jacoby Transfer with 5 or more points and a 5-card major.
Bid 3 NT with a balanced hand, no 4-card major and 7 or more points and/or a long minor suit of 6 or more cards.
Bid 4 [C]  (Gerber) asking for aces with 10 or more points to explore slam in NT.
Bid 5  [C]  or 5 [D]  to explore a minor suit slam (must have a solid suit of 6 or more cards.)


Bid 2 NT to partner’s response of  2 [S]  or 2 [H] .
Pass to partner’s response of 2 NT.
Bid a 4-card major to partner’s response of ( 3 [C] ).   Without a 4-card major, rebid three no-trump.
After the Jacoby transfer asking response, bid the assigned major with a 3-card suit.  With 2 cards, bid 3 NT.
Pass a response of 3 NT.
After the Gerber’s asking bid, rebid your aces.
After a 5  [C]  or 5 [D] , with good support (2 of the top 3 cards) bid 5 NT (Blackwood).

                                           Spades       A K 10 5 
                                           Hearts        A Q 4
                                           Diamonds  K 10 5
                                           Clubs          Q J 4 3

Open above hand 2 [D]  (alertable)

The Pino Two-Diamond opening is a precision bid and shows a balanced hand and exactly 18 or 19 high card points.